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Stereoteller - Palestine

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Mesi fa ho avuto il piacere di suonare le chitarre per Stereoteller, che è una bella persona, oltre ad essere uno che scrive delle ottime canzoni.
A questo brano hanno collaborato due altre belle persone: FILOQ…

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Elisabetta Spada - I Go I Go I Go

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. 
I am very proud of it. She is great, and all the people involved in the project added a layer of magic in their turn. The result, for me, is…

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Elisabetta Spada - New Clip!

Elisabetta Spada is the singer-songwriter I'm working with.
I recorded this song in my home studio in Schaerbeek.
We're finally happy to share with you her new clip.

"Once known as Kiss & Drive, Elisabetta Spada makes her comeback…

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Weekend Madness - CDs Giveaway!

Join my mailing list on 11 and 12 March 2023.
You will receive at your house a bunch of CDs including WAH Companion, Betzy, and some other stuff on my independent record label Lady Lovely, FOR FREE!

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Elisabetta Spada "Sister" OUT NOW!

I'm so happy I can finally share this song I recorded at my home studio (AKA Lady Lovely HQ).
Elisabetta is a stunning singer-songwriter and one of the finest human beings I knew in my life.
I can't wait…

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My guitar-related playlist on Spotify

I just updated my guitar-related discography playlist with some new-old songs that were not available online before. 

I'm so proud to have been part, somehow, of Africa Unite, Tre allegri ragazzi morti, Mambassa,  Delta V  e The Leading Guy.



Neighbours on Stage KIDS 2022

Some of my under-16 students performed live a couple of songs last week for the "Alles es Just" Festival / Neighbours on Stage KIDS 2022 in Schaerbeek. 
They met on Monday and they had the gig on Saturday.
What a…

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I've mixed this song by Bajo

His name is Bajo I mixed this song some weeks ago. A couple of years ago he came to me to learn guitar and home recording techniques... But I suddenly noticed he's got some potential as a singer and songwriter…Read more

COURSES 2021/2022 - Book your spot!

I'm scheduling my 2021/2022 music courses, including guitar, bass, home recording, band coaching - beginners to advanced - most common genres covered.
Improve your skills and competencies on the instrument and improve your confidence!
My method is based on…

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Crazy Train - Guitar Cover

One of the best rock guitar solos ever, originally written ad performed by Randy Rhoads (RIP) on the Ozzy Osbourne tune "Crazy Train".

"More Than Evil" out now on Spotify

Here's a new killer riff for you.
You don't wanna miss it if you're an old school Black Sabbath lover!

Follow me on Spotify and share the song, it means a lot for me. <3