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Upcoming Collaboration

I've just started a new collaboration with the super talented composer, musician ad sound engineer Eric Ronsse.
He's a good friend, also. Check out his website HERE
We're working on an upcoming soundtrack, and I hope we can tell…

COURSES 2021/2022 - Book your spot!

I'm scheduling my 2021/2022 music courses, including guitar, bass, home recording, band coaching - beginners to advanced - most common genres covered.
Improve your skills and competencies on the instrument and improve your confidence!
My method is based on…

Crazy Train - Guitar Cover

One of the best rock guitar solos ever, originally written ad performed by Randy Rhoads (RIP) on the Ozzy Osbourne tune "Crazy Train".

"More Than Evil" out now on Spotify

Here's a new killer riff for you.
You don't wanna miss it if you're an old school Black Sabbath lover!

Follow me on Spotify and share the song, it means a lot for me. <3