Ruggero Catania soundtrack "Il Giovane Berlusconi" (Netflix / Arte) on Bandcamp

 I was somehow skeptical about linking my name to the name of the subject of this mini-series documentary, but I had a bunch of unexpected requests, and voilà, here we are.
I wrote and performed 3 songs all by myself, and I asked some good friends to help me with the songs I knew they could do a great job on, and they did.
(Eric Ronsse, Luigi De Gaspari Mr. T-Bone Uppertones, Elisabetta Spada Kiss & Drive, Luka Vi, Gamina Chad)

Even though this man was one of the reasons why I quit Italy many years ago, and I can't see my name written beside his one, the B&B Film documentary is well done and interesting, and I'm glad I had this opportunity.
Some of the comments I've read about don't resonate with me.
All the confirmed negative aspects of this man are missed, but that's not the point.
To me, that's not the subject of this documentary.
I feel like it's more about the 80ies, TV, capitalism, consumerism, and how Italians were dumb enough to fall deep into that, guided by a single man.
We are an easily manipulated Country, aren't we?