Netflix Soundtrack - Il Giovane Berlusconi

I wrote, recorded, and mixed some songs for this B&B Film documentary.
If you are located in Italy, it is already available on Netflix.
In France and Belgium it should be distributed by Arte.
I was lucky enough…

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Lady Lovely - New Website

New website for the independent record label I run since 2007.
Clearer, easier, and up-to-date.

Unknown improvisation

I can't remember what this backing track or lesson is.
Drop me a line just in case you know so that I can add a caption.


Did you know I run an independent record label?

I started my small independent record label called Lady Lovely in 2007, and the good news is, it's still there!
Check it out and follow us on Bandcamp for streaming, High-Quality downloads, CDs, and vinyl.
Thanks to every artist, co-worker…

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Stereoteller - Palestine

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Mesi fa ho avuto il piacere di suonare le chitarre per Stereoteller, che è una bella persona, oltre ad essere uno che scrive delle ottime canzoni.
A questo brano hanno collaborato due altre belle persone: FILOQ…

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