COURSES 2021/2022 - Book your spot!

I'm scheduling my 2021/2022 music courses, including guitar, bass, home recording, band coaching - beginners to advanced - most common genres covered.
Improve your skills and competencies on the instrument and improve your confidence!
My method is based on my true-musician-life experience since 1996, and I won't cover useless scales and impossible chords.
Instead, we will focus on the effectiveness of your existing knowledge.
Look at the fretboard in a totally different way
Learn to use simple finger positions to play cool melodies without getting lost in the neverending "intervals" topic
And if you're starting from scratch, we'll start playing real songs in a couple of lessons!

I know many schools and teachers suggest not to use "shortcuts"...
Well, I do. I used "shortcuts" for my whole musician life, and I can't remember a single time I couldn't work it out this way in a real-world situation, playing live or recording an album.
If your goal is to achieve mid/advanced skills in the pop domain (including rock, reggae, blues, metal, folk, and all sorts of contemporary "commercial" music), give a try to my courses.

Online learning platform included
Where? Schaerbeek, at my home studio
Online courses available 
Italiano, French, English