SUBSCRIBE for exclusive content!

I'm glad to inform you that starting today, a new section of this site is online.
A subscription plan will let you access exclusive content, such as the brand-new "UNDER THE HOOD" blog, downloadable TABS, and EXCLUSIVE MUSIC (both published and DEMO versions).
The price is up to you, starting from a ridiculous 2€/month for the R2-D2 level, up to 15€/month or more for the JEDI level.
What's the difference? NONE.
But you will help me make more music ;)

Don't worry if you don't find what you're looking for inside this section right now. The idea is to grow together.
The more you are, the more content you'll get. And feel free to tell me what you wish and expect as exclusive content.
I'll do my best to make you happy.
Musically, I mean.