Ruggero Catania feat Mr.T-Bone out now on Spotify! Rocking Around The Christmas Tree

Since 1996 I have been lucky enough to be part of several musical projects, some well-known and some less so. Most of the time I have had fun and given everything I could, only to leave again for one reason or another. 

Over the last few years, I have asked myself many times what direction I should take to finally (re)appropriate my name. 
Marketing experts say that you have to focus on your core competencies and look for your niche. 
Who am I really, what do I like to do, and what’s my main skill? 
Rock guitarist, definitely. Other things? Many, maybe too many. 
Reggae, punk, pop, dirty blues, minimalism, shredding, electronic music, ska, composing music for images, bass, acoustic guitar, bluegrass, country, heavy metal, whispering vocals, loud screaming vocals, arranging, producing, and mixing other people's records... That's just to stay in the music business. 

Searching for my niche, I got stuck. 
Who am I really, if not all these things at once? 
After years of searching, I have to admit to myself that all these directions and nuances belong to me and complete me. 
Without these, Ruggero Catania would not be Ruggero Catania. 
Every song I chose would not have been enough to illustrate me in full. 

So I am coming out with my name for the first time on Spotify with a song that is not very much like mine. It's not rock, it's not reggae, I don't sing it, I didn't write it, and there's not even a measly guitar solo. 

What’s more, it’s a Christmas song, while I don't even like holidays. 
But I told myself this 2020 was shitty enough, a party tune will do just fine, I wanna love and be loved, that’s all. 
I hope it will make you dance and hum over the next few days. 

So I thank my beloved fellow musicians on this song: Luigi De Gaspari, Giovanna Rostagno and Mattia Barbieri. I thank my brother Marco Pakko Catania, Okapi Grafica and Chiara Gattuso for the great artwork. 

And I thank those who have been following me, for years or since today, helping me to do what I do, and helping me in many wonderful ways. I can't list them all, but you know what I'm talking about. 

Some in particular have always shown professionalism and affection by providing invaluable skills and resources. These include Mauro Andreolli, Markus Sotto Corona, Anna Lami, Elisabetta Spada, Francesca Zucchi, Umberto Cerutti, Andrea Pollone, and Tommaso Calamita. 


Happy listening, and see you next time!