Stereoteller - Palestine

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Mesi fa ho avuto il piacere di suonare le chitarre per Stereoteller, che è una bella persona, oltre ad essere uno che scrive delle ottime canzoni.
A questo brano hanno collaborato due altre belle persone: FILOQ…

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Elisabetta Spada - I Go I Go I Go

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. 
I am very proud of it. She is great, and all the people involved in the project added a layer of magic in their turn. The result, for me, is…

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Elisabetta Spada - New Clip!

Elisabetta Spada is the singer-songwriter I'm working with.
I recorded this song in my home studio in Schaerbeek.
We're finally happy to share with you her new clip.

"Once known as Kiss & Drive, Elisabetta Spada makes her comeback…

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Weekend Madness - CDs Giveaway!

Join my mailing list on 11 and 12 March 2023.
You will receive at your house a bunch of CDs including WAH Companion, Betzy, and some other stuff on my independent record label Lady Lovely, FOR FREE!

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Elisabetta Spada "Sister" OUT NOW!

I'm so happy I can finally share this song I recorded at my home studio (AKA Lady Lovely HQ).
Elisabetta is a stunning singer-songwriter and one of the finest human beings I knew in my life.
I can't wait…

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