Save big on SSL FlexVerb and IK Multimedia Total Studio Max 3.5

SSL FlexVerb
Do you really need another reverb for your DAW?
No, you don't.
But I have to admit that 15€ for this one is a really good offer. It just sounds amazing, and no matter what your taste about reverbs is, a Solid State Logic Reverb for less than the price of a pizza, is a killer deal.


The Total Studio Bundle from IK Multimedia
It is not cheap, but you'll get everything they ever made for the price of one single item, I mean, it's something like 2% of the price if it was not a bundle.
Amplitube 5? Included
T-Racks 5? Included
MixBox? included
Every single synth? Included.
Mellotron included, Sampletron libraries included, it's just crazy!
Look at the chart, there is just a couple of stuff not included, like the new ToneX and the last Vocal Strip, who cares?
Hammond? You've got it
Tape Machine Collection? You've got it
And the quality is still pretty good even on the older fx modules.

You can pass if you already have a production suite bundle or subscription, they are all pretty good nowadays.
But if you are looking for instruments, amp sims, and mixing & mastering effects, go have a look!

Price Thomann: 199€ incl.VAT 

Cons? yes, the installation is crap. The worst installation process I've ever come thru.
But nobody's perfect, right?